We Have the Largest Beer Inventory and Craft Selection in the Hallstead, PA

Susquehanna Beverages has the beer that you want

Selection and service is our #1 priority while we are drive thru only during our current season of remodeling, which we anticipate our customers to recognize as being well worth the wait once the remodeling has concluded and our customers can "peruse" the aisles and shelves once again.

In the meantime we hope our customers recognize how labor intensive the drive thru is and more importantly, the convenience of our drive thru, as it is an extension of our 42 year commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service.

Moving forward, our intention and long term plan is to respond to the needs and wishes of all our customers, ultimately by accommodating both drive-thru and walk-in customers.....thats down the road though.

In the meantime and in the short-term, we hope our drive-thru and the information we are able to provide is received by our customers as fast, friendly, convenient and a truly unique beer buying experience.

Check out Susquehanna Beverages in Hallstead, PA, or call 570-879-4677 to speak with one of our beer experts.