We have all been anxiously awaiting the day we don't have to travel half way across the country to specifically pick up one of the most sought after beers in North America, and that time will be here Thursday, Sept 3rd. We will not only be adding Fat Tire to our constantly growing craft shelves but also, the entire line of New Belgium!
Our initial shipment will consist of a mountain of their flagship,...Fat Tire and we will also be adding Snapshot, Ranger IPA, Slow Ride and their seasonal, Pumpkick to our portfolio.
We are thrilled to be handling the New Belgium line and to be able to finally satisfy your thirst for what some of you describe as, "amazing with no substitute", as you searched for Fat Tire.
Search no longer my friends, after the 3rd, you will need to look no further than Susquehanna Beverages for Fat Tire or any of your other favorite New Belgium products.